The Appfigures API

Appfigures provides a simple, RESTful way to interact with reports and account data. Anything that can speak HTTP and parse JSON can interact with the API.

Get Started

What’s Available

Using the API you can access sales and ads data for your apps, IAPs, and books. You can grab ranks, reviews, and featured data for your apps. You can even get public data for other apps with the Partner API addon.
You can also perform some basic account management tasks like creating external accounts, viewing files from the archive, and managing events.

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Quick Start

Below we talk about the most current version of the API’s location, how to authenticate, and list the available routes. You can also check out some code samples.


The current version of the API can be found at:


The API supports both OAuth 1.0 and HTTP Authentication with Client Keys. If you’re making an application for public use you MUST use OAuth, but if you are accessing only your account feel free to use HTTP Authentication.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need to set up an API client..

Note: The API will only accept requests made over HTTPS. Any HTTP requests will fail.