The / (root) resource provides basic information about the currently authenticated user.




status The HTTP status code generated by the request.
message the HTTP response message generated by the request.
see A link to the documentation for the current version of the API.
version The version of the API you’re making requests to.
user A dictionary containing information about the user that authenticated for this request. The properties contained in this dictionary are: id which is the user_id of the user, name which is the full name of the user, and email which is the user’s Appfigures username.

This is especially helpful when authenticating users with OAuth.

usage A dictionary containing the properties daily_used, which is the number of API requests used by the account today and daily_limit which is the total number of requests allowed for this account in a single day.
sequence The number of sequential requests made by the client
source The API node that processed the request. This is helpful when submitting a support ticket.

Example Response

// GET /

    status: "200",
    message: "OK",
    see: "",
    version: "2.0",
    user: {
        id: 1980123,
        name: "Marshal E.",
        email: ""
    usage: {
        daily_used: 125,
        daily_limit: 1000
    sequence: 28,
    source: "100"