Public Data Access

The Public Data API provides programmatic access to metadata and performance data for millions of mobile, desktop, and CTV apps that’s always up to date.

See Supported Stores for a complete list of stores you can access programmatically with the Appfigures API.

The Public Data API Provides

What Can You Do with the API?

The Public Data API is great for deep analytics, checking up on your competitors, analyzing the market, and pretty much any custom use you have for current and historic app store data. The possibilities are really endless.

We’re offering Public Data API access to those who want to mine data for their own use. That means that selling it directly or using it publicly is not allowed. If you are interested in something like this, be it an app for ranks, or a marketing research platform please contact us.

Looking for app store data in bulk? Check out Appbase.


Public Data API requests are billed using pre-paid credits where requests start at two credits. Credits are purchased in bulk and never expire.

Rate Limits

You can make as many requests as the credits you have available, however there are daily rate limits that apply.

Getting Started

Get started by enabling the Public Data Access add-on inside your account.