The Basics

The following list includes the basics about the Appfigures API.

The API is entirely HTTP-based

GET requests are used to retrieve data from the API. POST and PUT requests are used to add or edit records respectively. DELETE requests remove data (there’s no way to undo deletes, so be careful). API Methods that require a particular HTTP method will return an error if you do not make your request with the correct one.

The API is stateless

As with most REST APIs, the Appfigures API does not keep state, which means that every request will require authentication.


The Appfigures API makes OAuth and HTTP Authentication available.  Authentication is documented here, and you’ll get to get a Client Key to get started.

To ensure all requests are made securely the API will only accept requests over SSL (HTTPS). Any request over HTTP will fail.


All API responses will be UTF-8 encoded.

Dates & Time Zones

Dates used to make a request or in the response will be in the sortable date format of year-month-day (2017-04-12, for example).
You can also use date offsets relative to today. For example:

  • n, -n: n days in the future or past
    (-2 — two days ago, 4 — 4 days in the past)
  • nw, -nw, w: n weeks in the future or past
    (-2w — two weeks ago, w — last week, 4w — 4 weeks in the past)
  • and so on for month(m) and year(y)

Dates in Appfigures fall into three different categories and the time zones are different accordingly:

Revenue reports

Downloads, revenue, and ad reports are most commonly reported without a timezone and are normalized into a single date.

Ranks reports

Rank reports are always reported in the time zone selected by the user, which can be retrieved using the /users resource. The default time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Everything else

All other dates will be reports in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

There’s a limit on API calls

Each account is allowed a fixed number of API calls every month. The actual number, along with details on increasing the limit is available here.

The API is available to all of our members

API access is available to all members, regardless of plan type, or user role. We don’t discriminate. Each member has access to all functions available within their Appfigures account.