Working With Products

What are products?

Apps are products, games are products, so are books and other types of content we’re currently supporting (or planning to support in the future).

Using product ids

Each product has a unique, Appfigures-assigned, product id that’s consistent across the entire platform. This means that we do not rely on apple ids or package names internally. Those are saved in the product’s meta data.

Working with different app stores

We currently support a wide array of Store for mobile, desktop, and TV apps, including the App Store, Google Play, Xbox, and many more (full list below). Each product can only belong to a single store, and contains two properties to help identify the store: store_id and store_name.

Matching a product id with a store id

Each app store has a different type of unique identifier for the products it distributes. Apple has a 9 digit apple id, Google uses an alphanumeric package name. We save these values as ref_no and sku, respectively.

So, to find a product by its store id start by grabbing a list of all the products using the /users/{email}/products route, and then loop through the products until you find the correct product.

A better way to do this would be to create a mapping of Appfigures product ids to store ids once, and use that throughout the rest of your application.