The /reports/payments resource provides access to payments you can expect to receive from sales of apps and in-app purchases, as well as ad revenue for all of your apps.

Scope: All of the resources in this route require read access in the private scope (private:read).

Getting total payments


GET /reports/payments?start_date={start_date}&end_date={end_date}&products={products}&countries={countries}


Argument Type Description
start_date Date (yyyy-MM-dd) Date, inclusive, to start reporting from. If you specify a granularity other than daily this will be rounded down to the nearest period. default: a long, long time ago.
end_date Date (yyyy-MM-dd) Date, inclusive, to stop reporting. If you specify a granularity other than daily this will be rounded up to the nearest period. default: distant future.
group_by List One or more pivots separated by a comma (,). Available pivots: product, country, date, and store.
products List (productId | productId1, productId2, …) specific products to include in the response, default: all active products in account
countries List (isoCode | isoCode1;isoCode2;isoCodeN) Countries to limit the report to (can be taken from /data/countries, default: include all countries)
format String> Output format: JSON or CSV. Defaults to JSON.

Note: To prevent excessive repetition, when format is set to csv sub-objects (like the product in /revenue/products/…) will not be fully serialized but only their reference will be.



Example Response

// /reports/payments?start_date=-30

    "revenue": 12091,
    "converted_revenue": 12091,
    "financial_revenue": 11997,
    "estimated_revenue": 11987,

Getting detailed payments

Payments can be broken down by several different dimensions:

  • Country
  • Type
  • Product
  • storefront

You can specify dimensions to group payments by using the group_by parameter. Use a comma to separate multiple parameters.

When specifying dimensions, the response will be nested in the order the dimensions were specified.

Example Response

Get payments for each app broken down by country and type

// /reports/payments?start_date=-30

    "1095138104": {
        "US": {
            "app": {
                "revenue": 0,
                "converted_revenue": 0,
                "financial_revenue": 0,
                "estimated_revenue": 0,
                "product_id": 1095138104,
                "iso": "US",
                "country": "United States",
                "type": "app"