Installed SDKs

The /products/sdks resource lists all of the mobile SDKs installed by an app.

Getting spend totals


GET /products/{product_id}/sdks


This route does not accept any arguments


The response is an array containing a single object representing the installed SDK.

Field Type Description
id String The unique ID of this SDK across our platform. Use the /data route to get more information for an SDK by its ID.
found_on Date The earlier date we detected the SDK in the app.
last_updated Date The most recent this status of this SDK in this app changed.
active Bool Whether the SDK is currently installed, or if it was uninstalled. If active is false the last_updated value will be the date we detected the SDK was uninstalled.

Example Response

GET /products/2810106945/sdks

    "id": "chartboost",
    "found_on": "2017-01-05T06:01:54",
    "last_updated": "2017-01-05T06:01:54",
    "active": true
  }, {
    "id": "admob",
    "found_on": "2015-03-04T07:35:45",
    "last_updated": "2018-02-01T01:01:54",
    "active": false