Important: This version of the API has been deprecated an is no longer supported. v1.1 will be completely deactivated on May 31st, 2015.
The /reviews resource provides access to reviews. Reviews are currently pulled in real time.

Getting Reviews


GET /reviews/{productId}/{countries}/{page}/?language={language}


id of app to pull reviews for.
The productId must belong to your account. To access public ranks through the API please contact us about our Public Data API.
(Iso | Iso1;Iso2;IsodN | major | minor) the countries to pull reviews from. Major selects all high-volume countries. Minor selects smaller countries. Android Market does not provide reviews by country.
zero-based page number, truncated to highest possible value if it is higher than available pages
language (optional)
short code of language to translate reviews into (You can get supported languages via /data/languages)


Reviews will be returned as a collection of store objects containing metadata for the app store and a collection of reviews for that store.

store_id The ID of the store
country The full name of the country of the App Store.
iso_country The two-letter ISO code of the country of the App Store.
ratings Number of ratings the app has in this store for the current version.
stars The average number of stars the current version of the app has in this App Store. This is represented as a float to account for half stars.
num_pages Total number of pages of reviews the apps has in this App Store. There are 10 reviews per page. Pages start at zero.
num_reviews The total number of reviews for all version of the app in this App Store.
star_breakdown A comma separated list containing the number of ratings for each star group starting with 5 stars. While it is possible to calculate the average star rating using these values it is not recommended. The average star rating is given in the stars variable.
reviews An array with review objects for the requested page. More details are available in the table below.
title The title of the review. If a translation language has been provided this will hold the translated review.
review The full review. If a translation language has been provided this will hold the translated review.
original_title If a translation language has been provided this will hold the original title before translation. Otherwise this filed will be null.
original_review If a translation language has been provided this will hold the original review before translation. Otherwise this filed will be null.
author The name of the author that left this review.
version The version of the app this review is for.
date Date the review was left on. This will be a string in the store’s format. This will be changing in the future to support a single standard date format.
stars Number of stars the author left for the app.

Example Response

// GET /reviews/300400/143441/0

  "us": {
    "store_id": 143441,
    "country": "United States",
    "iso_country": "US",
    "ratings": 64,
    "stars": 3,
    "num_pages": 9,
    "num_reviews": 81,
    "version": null,
    "star_breakdown": "23,6,10,8,17",
    "emoji_mode": "convert",
    "reviews": [
        "title": "Awesome music",
        "review": "Good game, for people who say it's too hard...",
        "original_title": null,
        "original_review": null,
        "author": "john appleseed",
        "version": "1",
        "date": "Apr 9, 2010",
        "stars": 5,
        "review_type": "review",
        "type": "major",
        "id": 0,
        "iso": null,
        "country": null,
        "language": null
      . . .

Important Note:

The metadata at the top of the representation is only populated for page zero.

  • crsmithdev

    I’m also having the issue with all stars, ratings, breakdowns on page 0 being empty / null / 0. Have also sent a support request. Has anyone had any response to this issue or know of a workaround?

  • Hisham A

    Was anyone here able to solve the all_stars, ratings, etc.. issue? I am also getting null or zero values. Sent an email to appfigures. Hopefully they respond soon.

  • Sidhe NZ

    I get exactly the same issue as codeclash. Stars appear in individual reviews, but I only see: “ratings”: 0, “all_stars”: “0.00”, “stars”: “0.00”, “num_pages”: 282, “num_reviews”: 2816, “all_star_breakdown”: “”,in the meta_data.

  • codeclash


    a) for V.1.1:  the doc and sample response are not in sync with the actual real service response, some fields are missing in the doc/response sample.

    b) why do I get stars = 0, ratings=0 for an app (eg. in the apple appstore)?  (ex: I would expect some number other than 0, as the app in the store has sufficient ratings and reviews….

  • codeclash

    @peter pagination is part of the path ( …/0/?… for page 0, …/1/?…) not the query string i guess.

  • The pagination doesn’t seem to work. I make a first call with page=0, I get first 10 reviews. Then it states it’s 20 more pages of reviews so I make another call with page=1 but the response is empty. What am I doing wrong?

     My calls are in format: GET /reviews/{productId}/{countries}/{page}